Cancer Treatment

What types of cancer treatments are available?

Radiofrequency, Microwave and Cryoablation Therapy
Using our advanced imaging technology and skills, we can insert a small probe directly into tumors growing throughout the body such as in the lungs, kidneys, liver or bones.  This only requires a small nick in the skin!  We then can immediately destroy the tumors using heat or ice within minutes.  The single procedure may be the only treatment required to cure you from the tumor(s).  Other times, it may be used along with systemic chemotherapy, external beam radiation or surgery to bring you to better health.

The STAR™ Tumor Ablation System
Developed exclusively for treatment of metastatic spinal tumors, Drs. Dunfee and Kennedy will insert a small needle directly into the tumor(s) within the bone using their advanced image guided systems.  The tumor is next "burned" using radiofrequency energy, destroying the cancerous tissue.  Bone cement is next placed into the empty cavity to strengthen the bone and prevent any further fractures and/or pain.

Bland and Chemoembolization for Liver Cancers
A small tube ("catheter") is advanced under imaging guidance through the bloodstream into the liver.  From there, the catheter is advanced to the blood vessels directly supplying the tumor. Drs. Dunfee and Kennedy then directly target the sites of cancer in the liver using small beads which slowly release chemotherapy several days after the procedure is completed.  The chemotherapy targets the cancer directly, instead of being infused throughout the body.  This will minimizes the unwanted side effects of chemotherapy, such as hair loss, nerve damage, and skin changes.

Radioembolization with Yttrium-90 (Therasphere® and SIRSphere)
Drs. Dunfee and Kennedy were the first and remain THE ONLY place in Central Florida to offer

Yttrium-90 ("Y-90") radioembolization with BOTH Therasphere and SIR-spheres. The highly precise treatments deliver radiation directly to tumors in the liver using tiny glass or resin beads called microspheres.  Radioembolization is used to treat tumors that begin in the liver or have spread to the liver (called "metastasis").  By administering the radiation source directly into the tumor(s) in the liver, we can use the maximum effect of radiation treatment with sparing of normal liver tissue.  The treatment involves no surgical incision, just a small nick in the skin that does not have to be stitched closed, and has fewer side effects of traditional surgery.  Most importantly, radioembolization is proven to extend the life of patients who suffer from liver cancer from months to years. 

We are proud to be MOST experienced and

THE ONLY providers

of all forms of radioembolization therapy

in Central Florida!